Sunday Morning Schedule

9:00am – Christian Education Classes
10:15am – Pre-Service Fellowship in the Lobby
10:30am – Worship
11:30am – Fellowship in the Erksine Club Room

Holy Communion is celebrated the 1st Sunday of each month and is open to all baptized Christians, regardless of Church membership.

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All church activities have been CANCELED  due to the COVID-19 virus.  This includes Worship, Sunday School, Bible  Class, Committee Meetings until May 1st.  Session will revisit it at a latter date in April.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call  the church office.

Church Happenings

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Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter


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Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter

Monthly Newsletter


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Cancellation Policy

When school has been cancelled or school is released early due to inclement weather, committee meetings or church functions may not be held.  If in doubt, please call the church office or a chairperson.